Zipp10 Pro New on-board firmware improvement

Zipp10 Pro 2480x750

We would like to inform you about the release of the new Zipp10 Pro Firmware V.4.32 and its new functionalities.

New Features

The new Zipp10 Pro onboard firmware contains the following improvements:

  • A “Reference Line” application has been added allowing to survey and stakeout along a line, which is a common task in surveying and construction applications.
  • dfx Export”: Newly it is possible to export measurements in the dxf format , which allowing to import measurement data fast and easily into CAD software.

Both improvements significantly enhance the flexibility and usability of the Zipp10 Pro series.

Reference Line Highlights

  • Measure from a defined reference line
  • Create and stake out points generated from a reference line
  • Automatic detection of horizontal and vertical based slopes
  • Slopes calculated in percentage and ratio
  • Use reference line in 2D or 3D mode
  • Easy and quick swapping of the reference points
  • Easy and quick change of reference height

Update recommendation

To take advantage of the new functionality, it is recommended to upgrade all existing instruments in the market to the new firmware version.

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