Tested to meet the highest standards and expectations, GeoMax accessories are the perfect complements to every GeoMax system.

GeoMax Batteries and chargers

Batteries & Chargers

The quality chargers and batteries from GeoMax, not only provide you with long working time but also ensure a reliable supply of power to your instrument.

GeoMax Containers


All GeoMax instruments are supplied in robust hard containers. These not only store all required components, but also protect your valuable instruments during transport.

GeoMax Data Storage

Data Storage

Losing data after a hard day’s work is very frustrating. The storage media from GeoMax are of the highest quality to ensure continuous reliability.

GeoMax Laser receivers

Laser Receivers and Remotes

Add range and precision to your work. Increase your range in your work environment with the GeoMax remotes, a hands-off operation with all functionalities and enhance distances and all light conditions with the GeoMax receivers.

GeoMax Poles


GeoMax poles provide a steady, non-slip support for your prism or GNSS receiver. The dual strut support provides a rapid setup for most pole types.

Total Station Accessories

Total Station Accessories

GeoMax offers a range of prisms to suit any application. The copper coating and precisely machined glass, provide you with a long measuring range.

Tribrachs & Carriers

Tribrachs & Carriers

GeoMax offers accurate and maintenance free tribrachs and carriers. The quality and precision of these accessories have a direct influence on the accuracy achieved by your total station.

GeoMax Tripods

Tripods & Staffs

GeoMax offers aluminium and wooden tripods, depending on your requirements. Furthermore, GeoMax staffs allow highly accurate levelling tasks.

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Contact our Marketing, Sales or Service departements

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Find your distributor on this list of authorised GeoMax suppliers.