Tripods & Staffs

GeoMax offers aluminium and wooden tripods, depending on your requirements. Furthermore, GeoMax staffs allow highly accurate levelling tasks.



Aluminium tripod with shoulder strap and screws. Range from 103cm up to 167cm, medium weight.


Aluminium tripod with shoulder strap and fast clamps. Range from 105cm up to 165cm, medium weight.


High quality aluminium tripod with elevating column. Max height: 2.70 m


Wooden tripod with shoulder strap and side clamp screws, 104 cm packaged length, extendible to 166 cm, weight 5.7 kg.


Tripod-star, for setting up of tripods on hard and slippery surfaces.

Flexi Rod

The Flexi Rod with a mm-scale on the front side comes with a bubble for highly accurate levelling tasks. It is very light and with the handy clamp for the slide adaptor, changes in height are easily done.


Telescopic levelling rod made of light and durable aluminium; silk-screened with moisture-resistant inks. Max extension: 5 m


Download Area

Do you want to download a guide or the latest drivers and set up files? You can find all the technical documents you need in the GeoMax Download Area.