High into the sky with GeoMax

The Exchange 106 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is one of the highest buildings in all of Asia. The vertiginous construction work took three years. Right in the middle of it was GeoMax’s Zipp20 total station.

GeoMax products serve the Military Air Force

The Italian Ministry of Defense conducted a project to create a database of all properties in the Air Force’s possession. GeoMax provided support for the project

GeoMax - a solid partner to the Indonesian government

Read how GeoMax is supporting the Indonesian government by providing equipment and expertise as they train nonprofessionals the basics of survey instruments.

In harmony with nature

Humanity and nature living with each other seems to become more and more difficult. Read more about how the Zoom90 robotic total station contributed to making this co-existence happen, despite the odds.

Preserving the Memory

The Oklahoma City National Memorial was built in honour of all the victims of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing terrorist incident. The GeoMax Zenith25 is used in the preservation of the world-renowned monument.

Restoring Pompeii

Read how the Zoom35 Pro plays part in maintaining and restoring the fascinating city of Pompeii.

Meeting the demands of global events in Brazil

Find out how Embratop was able to help with the Maracanã Stadium renovations and Arena Corinthians construction project by providing GeoMax total stations in order for both stadiums to meet the demands of global events.

Take a ride on the rails

Read how the Zenith35 Pro supports the Cog Railway in the US.

Successful surveying even in cemetery forests

Cemetery forests also need to be surveyed, the NATURRUHE Friedewald Bestattungswald COSWIG (Sachsen) used the GeoMax GNSS receiver Zenith35 in combination with the X-PAD software.

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