GeoMax Office Fusion - Real Integration

GeoMax is pleased to announce the new office software solution combining and managing geospatial data from multiple sensors in one single environment, GeoMax X-PAD Office Fusion.

Experience easy import of data, calculations, adjustments, scan registration and management of the clouds, points, measures, surfaces and images, topographical utilities, and drawing functions. And all in one application. This is real integration.

One software for all workflows
From import to final drawings, X-PAD Office Fusion offers you the best tools without having to pass data from one programme to another. You can load data from total stations, GPS, digital levels and laser scanners, and calculate, view and manage in one software. You can connect TPS survey, GPS survey, levels, laser scanner sessions to see everything together.

A modern working environment and a powerful CAD 3D are the basic framework on which topographic and laser scanner modules have been developed.

The Topographic module includes calculations and adjustment procedure for TPS, GNSS and digital level data. Data can be handled not only in a graphic way but also on grids with countless powerful functions for searching, filtering and editing.

PicPoint module allows to manage PicPoint sessions made in the field, to measure, and to create new points directly on the photos.

With the Scan module, it is possible to extract surfaces and meshes, contour lines, cross-sections and orthophotos from points and point clouds to immediately obtain the final results ready to plot. From surfaces, it is possible to calculate volumes.
Point clouds can be registered with an automatic or manual procedure by specifying common points or reference coordinates. The targets are automatically recognised, which reduces the registration time and improves the data quality. A final Bundle adjustment procedure allows you to get the best possible solution by considering the scans as a whole.

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