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GeoMax X-Do

We would like to inform you that GeoMax has now a new smart gadget available, the GeoMax X-DO! Remote Button.

It is an innovative solution to execute several survey and stake-out operations in the field with TPS and GNSS remotely. It is possible to configure it with functions available by one click, hold and double click commands. The button can be placed on the back of the tablet, on the pole or on the side cover of a total station.

Many different functions can be assigned to the button to increase your productivity and improve your workflows.

If you are using a GNSS Receiver and measuring a point with the pole vertically, it is challenging to keep the pole with one hand and hold the tablet and press the measurement button  at the same time with the other hand. With X-DO on the back of the tablet or on the pole the problem is solved and the point can be measured easily. 

If you are using a total station, you can assign some functions to have a shortcut to change e.g. the prism selection or change from Laser to Prism to reduce the key presses and become more efficient.

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