Alignment of GeoMax Cable Locator Product Portfolio

GeoMax Locators ULTRA SYSTEM 2480x750

We would like to inform you of changes to the GeoMax locator range which is intended to deliver a streamlined product range for the construction market.

The following items have entered a phase out period and will be liquidated once stock levels have been depleted.

  • Geomax Ezicat i550xf 50Hz, i550xf 60Hz, i650 50Hz, i650 60Hz, i750 50Hz, i750 60Hz
  • Utili-Finder Locator system UK
  • Utili-Finder Locator System EU
  • Geomax Ultra System -12 Watt Advanced
  • Geomax Ezitex t300 Transmitter
  • Geomax Ezirod 30  

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