EZ Grade 360

EZ Grade 360 2480x750
The EZ-Grade 360 is a versatile, construction-tough laser receiver that can be mounted on dozers, motor graders, motorized scrapers, skid-steer loaders, backhoes and excavators. The built-in super bright display and battery pack make the EZ-Grade 360 perfect for visual machine control applications.

Ideal for the customer involved in construction or agricultural projects such as site preparation, and excavation projects. Some systems are interfaced with an electric or hydraulic valve into the machine's hydraulic system to provide automatic control of the blade elevation.

Greater Information

The EZ-Grade’s 8” capture height, 360° reception, and 7-channel super-bright display provide the operator with the information needed to get the job ON-GRADE! 

Display & Automatic Control

If you need options, an in-cab display, or automatic system, there are three options to choose from, starting with the simple 322 manual display with three lights. This system also offers the capability to be connected to a laptop or data collector for survey points.

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