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X-PAD Fusion is a desktop software integrating geospatial data from TPS, GNSS, scanners and other sensors in a single environment.

Different to other software solutions in the market with X-PAD Fusion we offer our customers one software solution that manages measurements, coordinates, drawings, point clouds and other types of data in ONE platform in a simple and intuitive way. We help you get started immediately with our interactive tutorials that guide you through the whole workflow to create even more ease of use.

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X-SCAN module allows to manage your point clouds data; robust algorithms are able to process point clouds and return the best results considering all the scans as a whole. Several options allow to improve the results according to the specific type of work and target recognition offers another way to have faster and better results. The automatic registration module is an irreplaceable tool that generate the final results with one single click. Orthophoto, cross-sections and surfaces can be generated with very few and intuitive steps.


X-TOPO module allows to import the measurements from your instruments and have the full control of all the information to verify at any time the quality of your work; it calculates and solves all kinds of surveys, GNSS, total station, digital level and mixed with the least squared algorithms for precise calculation. From topographic points or point clouds it is possible to create 3D models, contour lines, calculate cross-sections and volumes using several methods. Powerful tools and options allow you to customize the final drawings to obtain the best results possible for you customers.


Load and manage IFC files, extract elements for stake-out, and check as-built data with field measurements in the most efficient way.

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X-PAD Fusion

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