Total Stations

GeoMax total stations offer you an excellent price-to-performance ratio without compromising quality.

Zoom90 Series

Drastically minimize the time of any survey task and boost your performance and accuracy.


Enhance your GeoMax Zoom90 Total Station capabilities while increasing your performance and flexibility.

Zoom50 Series

When you need the highest performance on all levels, even under most challenging conditions, the GeoMax Zoom50 series is the perfect choice for you.

Zoom40 Series

Operate it your way, store it your way, process it your way! When flexibility counts, the GeoMax Zoom40 Series is your choice.

Zoom25 Series

If you don´t want to compromise on quality: The GeoMax Zoom25 series is your suitable choice for all standard surveying tasks.

Zoom35 Pro Series

The Zoom35 Pro opens a new class of total stations for all those requiring high performance on all levels.

Zoom30 Pro Series

A total station for all those demanding high performance and comfort that “works when you do”.

Zipp20 WinCE Series

Operate the field software of your choice onboard the Zipp20 – Open WinCE® Series.

Zoom20 Pro Series

Fast, simple and reliable data transfer from the field to the office.

Zipp10 Pro Series

The Zipp10 Pro is your economic choice when price counts as much as performance.

Zipp02 Series

Accuracy is the basic necessity when it comes to general construction tasks.