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Constant pressure to deliver excellent results, on time and within budget, is a reality for every surveying and construction professional. To succeed at the end of the day, some necessary conditions must be in place: transparency on project status and involved resources, efficient workflows, and well-designed emergency plans, because unexpected things happen. Perhaps most importantly, you will need a skilled, motivated team with the right surveying and construction software platform to keep them connected and help them succeed.

With X-PAD 365, the web-based GeoMax cloud platform, you can do all of this, in one easy-to-use tool. Manage your data and assets anytime, anywhere, communicate in real-time and stay connected 365 days of the year.


Conquering your everyday challenges with X-PAD 365

Cloud work makes the teamwork

Lack of transparent communication makes teamwork unpleasant and inefficient.

GeoMax helps you overcome this challenge with X-CHAT, an integrated group chat within X-PAD 365, X-PAD Ultimate and X-PAD Fusion. The Collaborative Survey and Stakeout feature of X-PAD 365 goes a step further, allowing you to work on the same surveying project, share surveyed points and drawings or work on a shared large stakeout project and see the progress in real-time.


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