Total Stations

GeoMax total stations offer you an excellent price-to-performance ratio without compromising quality.


Ensure reliability with GeoMax GNSS systems even in challenging environments.

Laser Scanners

Time of Flight laser scanner for any enviornment.

3D Measuring Systems

Robotic total station for high performance.


GeoMax levelling systems make it easy to complete your daily levelling tasks on time.

Laser Rotators

Suitable for a wide range of applications, GeoMax laser rotators are true multi-purpose tools.

Pipe Lasers

Consistent precision and accuracy are ensured by the compact, robust and fully featured GeoMax pipe lasers.

Field Controllers

Get the full potential out of your antenna, using GeoMax’ dedicated field controllers.


Accurately locating buried utilities for easier and safer cable avoidance.

Machine Guidance

Easy to use field machine guidance systems.


All GeoMax software is developed to make your daily work more easy and flexible.


Tested to meet the highest standards and expectations, GeoMax accessories are the perfect complements to every GeoMax system.