GeoMax Zenith16 KV 2480x750

The Zenith16 GNSS receiver is a cost-effective investment that guarantees reliable results. In combination with GeoMax field controllers and the X-PAD software, the receiver reaches its full potential.

Renowned partners

Experience increased productivity and reduced failure rates thanks to the power of Hexagon’s cutting-edge technology and the partnership with high-quality brands like SATEL and NovAtel.

Affordable price

Providing top-performing technology at an affordable price, the Zenith16 GNSS receiver convinces with a remarkable performance ratio.

Seamlessly integrated into your workflow

X-PAD Ultimate, the dedicated GeoMax field software, convinces with a perfect balance between clear structure, straight forward workflows and high functionality. Through close cooperation with key-users it is always kept up to date.
The GeoMax software offering is completed by X-PAD Fusion. X-PAD Fusion has the versatility and flexibility to fuse all data types from both GeoMax sensors and other 3rd party sources such as drones.

Open & flexible configuration

The Zenith Manager, a stand-alone application available for Windows® and AndroidTM operating systems, enables you to configure your receiver without using the field controller.

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