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Product Announcement X-PAD Suite releases Autumn 2023

Zenius08 with the X-PAD Ultimate

GeoMax is pleased to announce the new releases of X-PAD Suite in autumn 2023. 


X-PAD Ultimate Field Software - SP2 for 2023 

  • With the release of the X-PAD Ultimate Field Software, version 4.10.000, the new Zenius08 GeoMax tablet is fully supported. The keys can be customized with favourite X-PAD functions enabling users to be more efficient in the field.
  • X-PERT subscribers will benefit from more than 20 improvements in all parts of the software optimizing field workflows and enhancing the overall X-PAD performance. Service Pack 2/2023 provides users with more features to easily search and access additional information.
  • For GNSS users, we introduce GNSS averaging and analysis – a new tool to ensure accuracy and avoid false initialization by performing redundancy measurements.


X-PAD Office Fusion SP2 for 2023

  • Besides general fixes and improvements, the release 5.10.000 introduces an upgrade of the licensing system and new features in the X-TOPO module such as new reports, improved cross-section management and survey calculation.


X-PAD 365 Cloud Platform Improvements 

  • GeoMax partners and dealers will have access to the new Search in SAP app allowing them to search GeoMax database by Equipment, EID, or Material and Serial number to find information on any existing products.


X-PAD Field Onboard Improvements 

  • The X-PAD software installed onboard total stations has been upgraded with the AIM mode available with tape targets, and an improved eBubble refresh rate.


All releases will be available from October 26th 2023 onward.