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Client testimonials
Using the GeoMax Zoom90 and X-PAD with CAD functionality has completely revolutionised the way we work on site.

Chris Rust, CJ Rust Plant Hire

3 Days and 4000+ measurements on site with the Geomax Zoom 90 and I am very impressed! The accuracy and speed we are now able to achieve has totally transformed the way we work.

George, Randall Surveys

Each of our core surveying team have more than 20 years' average surveying experience and it was a collective decision to go with GeoMax. All of us feel even more confident that we can work with clients on an efficient and accurate base with our new surveying equipment.

Gareth Edwards, Managing Director Cadplan


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Видео Zoom90

Значительно сократить время съемки и  обеспечить максимально точные и надежные результаты.

X-PAD Survey видео

С полевой программой X-Pad вы получаете должную производительность в полу, благодаря удобному пользовательскому интерфейсу и уникальному, функциональному содержанию.