Zipp20 WinCE Series

Zipp20 WinCe 2480x750

Featuring GeoMax Field Genius, X-PAD, Carlson SurvCE or any localised field software, the Zipp20 WinCE allows you to work the way that best fits your needs.  All this combined in a system offering a colour and touch display, long range non-prism measurement, and all your favourite Windows® CE applications makes the Zipp20 the total station that “works when you do.”

Totally open Windows® CE

Work the way you need to with an open WinCE platform that supports any field software. The Zoom20 WinCE is open for your own development, enabling you to personalise your system.

Totally connected

Easily connect back to the office with USB memory stick functionality, Bluetooth® transfer, and plug ’n play technology.

Totally featured

With a 500 m non-prism range, coaxial visible laserbeam, and 3.5’’ colour and touch display, sealed durable housing, the Zipp20 WinCE can work anywhere. 

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