X-PAD CalMaster

Calibration System

X-PAD CalMaster is an easy-to-use checking and calibration system for construction lasers. Measurement tools are subject to all kind of environments and to harsh treatment. With X-PAD CalMaster, the lasers are ready for the next job in no time.

A system that provides new possibilities

  • Reduce laser downtime with in-store calibration, increasing customer satisfaction 
  • Ensure that you are always offering accurate lasers
  • Generate new opportunities for your business by offering additional calibration services to your customers

New business opportunities

The GeoMax X-PAD CalMaster enables you to offer the complete construction laser package to customers and solidify your professional reputation. Opening new value-added streams of service revenue, you can significantly reduce downtime with your own inhouse calibration capability.

Make life easier

Laser calibrations have never been that easy and fast to do. X-PAD CalMaster users can reduce their calibration time significantly by using the system for the construction tools laser calibration. It enables a highly accurate method to calibrate lasers and can be operated without extensive training needed.

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