X-PAD Ultimate

The Ultimate solution in the field

X-PAD Ultimate ensures highest productivity in the field. It supports perfect integration in your measuring instruments. Running on Android devices, it brings the best technologies to topography: a full 3D viewer, integration of your data into maps, in the camera for augmented reality, direct data exchange with cloud platforms, use of TPS, GNSS and other sensors, voice commands and much more.

X-PAD Ultimate is available in two tailored versions: one for surveyors and one for construction professionals. Due to close contact to key users all around the world, X-PAD Ultimate is kept up-to-date continuously and convinces with its perfect balance between clear structure, straight forward workflows and high functionality.

X-PAD Ultimate Survey

X-PAD Ultimate survey is the best solution for professional surveyors that need accuracy, complete features, flexibility, data integration, scalability and the latest technologies in the field. With a set of different modules, X-PAD Ultimate Survey covers all the needs in the field using TPS and GNSS instruments.

X-PAD Ultimate Build

X-PAD Ultimate Build is the ideal solution for all your construction measuring and layout needs. It combines data collection from the total station or the GNSS, allowing you to perform the measurement, stakeout and as-built with simple and functional procedures.

X-PAD Build is a special and tailored version of X-PAD Survey, from which inherits all the main features and functionalities, but differs because it is specifically addressed to construction companies. To use X-PAD Build you don’t need to be a surveyor; all procedures are guided and can also be used by those who use this type of equipment for the first time.

"Using X-PAD is the easiest way to survey. You can work with all of your equipment using only one software."
Bruno Krenski, X-PAD User


X-PERT - Keep X-PAD at its best

GeoMax X-PAD software has originally been developed taking your feedback aboard. To ensure that every new software feature is a perfect match with your needs, we exchange with you regularly. With SHIELD and X-PERT you receive new services that ensure you benefit from the latest improvements and have access to all X-PAD Ultimate software releases.

  • Latest software releases, adjusted to the latest trends, your workflow and customised to you needs in the field
  • Provides all software releases during certain period automatically
  • Delivered with the initial X-PAD Ultimate order
  • Free of charge for the first year and can be renewed and purchased after expiring
GeoMax Shield Stamp 0819 orange 
  • Covers software maintenance (bug fixing)
  • Always comes with all X-PAD Ultimate products free of charge.


The Ultimate solution in the field

X-PAD Ultimate is the most advanced field software solution for all users that are looking for a tool that grants productivity, easiness of use, scalability and full...

X-PAD is the easiest way to survey

"When I first saw GeoMax I knew this is my equipment!" Bruno, an every day X-PAD user from Brazil.

Interview X-PAD Developer Keven Corazza

"GeoMax is devoted to innovation and experiment. The passion that me and my team puts into X-PAD is one of the keys of the software’s success."

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