X-PAD Ultimate

X-PAD Ultimate garantisce produttività in campo, offrendo una perfetta integrazione tra gli strumenti di misura. Utilizzando la piattaforma Android, offre le migliori tecnologie dedicate alla topografia come visualizzazione 3D completa, integrazione dei dati con le mappe, realtà aumentata, scambio diretto di dati con piattaforme cloud, utilizzo di sensori, comandi vocali e molto altro.

X-PAD Ultimate, è disponibile in due versioni: una dedicata ai topografi professionisti e una dedicata alle imprese di costruzioni, offrendo quindi uno specifico ambiente di lavoro ed una serie di funzioni dedicate.

X-PAD Ultimate Build

X-PAD Ultimate Build is the ideal solution for all your construction measuring and layout needs - executing all construction activities in an efficient and productive way. It combines data collection from the total station or the GNSS, allowing you to perform the measurement, stakeout and as-built with simple and functional procedures. Continuous improvements and developments are made working closely with users in the field.

X-PAD Build is a special and tailored version of X-PAD Survey, from which inherits all the main features and functionalities, but differs because it is specifically addressed to construction companies that can solve all measuring situations onsite in an autonomous and independent way, improving productivity and reducing costs. To use X-PAD Build you don’t need to be a surveyor; all procedures are guided and can also be used by those who use this type of equipment for the first time.

Specific functions, derived from the experience in the field alongside construction professionals, make X-PAD Build an indispensable tool in all construction activities. The different mode of the TPS as a reference axis, intersection of two axes and batter boards, make it possible to proceed with tracking operations even in difficult conditions and with few reference points.

X-PAD Ultimate Survey

X-PAD Ultimate survey is the best solution for professional surveyors that wants accuracy, complete features, flexibility, data integration, scalability and the last technologies in the field. With a set of different modules, X-PAD Ultimate Survey covers all the needs in the field using TPS and GNSS measure tools.

Customisation without Compromise

Explore X-PAD Ultimate in detail as a GeoMax Application Manager and a first-time user discuss the benefits, market trends, and hear about the user's experience.

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