GeoMax FieldGenius

FieldGenius 2480x750
GeoMax FieldGenius delivers  a powerful data collection software for all your daily surveying tasks in the field. FieldGenius increases efficiency in your daily workflow – it is the choice for organisations that value productivity. Fully equipped with four integrated modules, FieldGenius covers the entire range from manual total stations to robotic to GNSS.

Digital terrain modeling, volumes and contouring

FieldGenius has the ability to create and use DTM surfaces from existing survey data or create a DTM in real time as the data is collected. The TIN and contours will automatically update with each new shot.

Powerful roading

FieldGenius roading allows you to manually input or import your alignment data, including centreline, vertical and template data. Stake your points along your alignment with confidence.

Instrument control at your fingertips

Total station and GPS functions are available on a common and easy-to-use instrument toolbar. Access measuring modes with the click of a button. 

Streamline operations

Work with all devices in your fleet within one software for the most efficiency. With FieldGenius, you can see all your work in one place.

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