Zone70 DG

This high-end rotation laser Zone70 DG offers grade up to 25% in both axes and is key for long distance applications as well as machine guidance.

Zone20 H

Zone20 H is an automatic horizontal laser that allows grade setting manually in two axes. It is easy to use and highly reliable in any element.

Zone20 HV

The multipurpose laser Zone20 HV offers manual grade settings plus the capability of vertical levelling and aligning for interior and exterior applications.

Zone40 H

The automatic horizontal laser Zone40 H attracts with high self-levelling accuracy and provides the best performing system for any levelling application on site.

Zone60 DG

Le Zone60 DG est un laser à pente entièrement automatique, opérant jusqu’à 15 % dans les deux axes, qui a été conçu spécialement pour les ouvriers du bâtiment qui ont...

Zone60 HG

The easy-to-use Zone60 HG allows semi-automatic grade in levelling applications up to 8 % in both axes and convinces with high accuracy.