EzDig 2480x750
The new easy and accurate way to guide excavators.

The new GeoMax EZDig S and T excavator guidance system offers the easiest calibration and equipment operation available on the market – and at an affordable price. The EzDig excavator guidance systems “works when you do!”

Eliminate downtime

Get to work sooner and eliminate downtime, without the need to constantly check and install cumbersome machine guidance systems.

Grade Checker

There is no more need for a second person to lean on their grade rod, you can check depth or slope at anytime. The EZDig system takes out the guess work. 

Affordable Guidance

Classic machine control systems are expensive, time consuming to install and learn. EZDig is affordable and simple.

Save resources

Leaving the time consuming tape measurements behind and save time on your projects. With the machine guidance of EZDig, you'll also save fuel and material when you don't have to do rework due to over-cutting.



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