Zone40 H

The Zone40 H with high self-leveling accuracy and the best performing system for any leveling application on site makes it the perfect tool for the job.

Zone40 2480x750

The Zone40 H is the best construction laser for rough environments and comes with the possibility to enter grades manually. Combining rugged housing with a powerful and dependable core, this laser is a long-term companion of choice for any heavy-duty leveling task. Whether you need an exact reference to pour concrete or an accurate alignment of the form work, Zone40 H rotating laser will accomplish the task, saving you money and time. Used best for exterior applications, the Zone40 H with high accuracy, an easy and intuitive operation makes it the best choice.

High accuracy

Zone40 H with high self-leveling accuracy of +/- 1/32 inch (1.5 mm) at 98.43 ft (30 m) and provides the best performing system for any leveling application on any job site. It has a top working range diameter of 3000 ft (900 m) with the ZRP105 and ZRD105 receivers. It not only allows you to transfer benchmark and level foundations or fields, but it is also unbeatable when checking concrete height and doing manual slopes for ramps and landscapes.

Easy digital read out of measurements

Contractors need to constantly check the height of the concrete to ensure optimum leveling is achieved. The digital readout on ZRD105 shows exactly and easily how far off center you are and how much concrete is still needed. A large detection window on GeoMax receivers make beam searching fast and reliable.


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