GeoMax ZeniusX CSP0732 150dpi RGB 2480x750
Operating on AndroidTM, the ZeniusX field controller is versatile and fully equipped to make data collection easy. Clean and detailed site documentation is guaranteed thanks to the 8MP high-resolution camera. The rugged controller is dust-tight and withstands temporary immersion under water (IP67). Customisable keys for quick access and a large, crystal clear display makes your job more convenient.

Fully connected

The Zenius5 is cloud connected by WiFi or cellular connection and communicates to all instruments by Bluetooth or RS232.

Fully equipped

The Zenius5 performs site documentation with an onboard camera and geo-tags pictures with an internal GNSS receiver.

Fully rugged

With a glove-proof keypad design and crystal clear display, the Zenius5 can work anywhere. 


The ZeniusX provides a stable Bluetooth® connection with all GeoMax GNSS antennas.

Total Stations

Get the full potential out of your antenna, using GeoMax’ dedicated field controllers.