Zoom3D Series

Zoom3D 2480x750

Speed up your daily work indoors and outdoors with the straight forward setup, smart X-PAD MasterPlan Android software and one-man operation of the Zoom3D. Measurements and layout have never been so fast and easy.

For construction professionals looking for one solution that allows them to work in a flexible and simple-to-operate manner, X-PAD MasterPlan is the solution that helps to modernize their business and improve their workflows efficiency.

X-PAD and Zoom3D – your perfect system

X-PAD is known for its user-friendly interface and its easy setup. X-PAD MasterPlan has been specifically designed to make your work with the Zoom3D as easy as possible. The system of Zoom3D and X-PAD MasterPlan is your new layout partner to make work quicker, easier and more productive.

Measure up to distances of 50 meters (150 feet) or target hidden points, day or night. X-PAD MasterPlan offers many intelligent features to target the points you are aiming at precisely. 

One-man layout

X-PAD MasterPlan includes an easy to use, but powerful stakeout tool for site layout.

X-PAD MasterPlan features target recognition technology, automatically aiming and tracking the target mounted on a pole.

Easy leveling, plumbing points, and staking out: Zoom3D's unique and user friendly onboard software comes with a full set of features that will speed up your interior applications.

As-built and Drawing in one step

Draw 2D and 3D elements with the best results using X-PAD MasterPlan's full range of drawing tools. With the best price to performance ratio, the Zoom3D will provide you with fast and accurate results that can easily be exported to the most common data formats.

Automatic line and surface scans

When geometry becomes complex and surfaces are curved, Zoom 3D measures horizontal, vertical and sloped sections automatically. Just define the boundaries and the Zoom3D automatically finds the surface that is defined.


Zoom3D Series

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