X-PAD Field

With X-PAD, productivity and flexibility in the field is ensured due to an easy user interface and to highly innovative contents.

X-PAD Survey 2480x750

In a single software, able to be used on Windows Mobile or Android operating systems, you will find both GNSS and total station survey and stakeout, along with the ability to run all of your GeoMax senors. The views come with all the topographic and cadastral functions that until now, were only present on desktop software. The innovative automatic drawing system by feature codes, allows you to see the survey drawing composing point after point without requiring long and complex coding. With the X-LIVE function, data is updated in real time from one controller to another, back to the office, or stored safely in the cloud.

A sustainable… field software

No more small characters, colored and hardly visible icons, or buttons to hit in very small spaces, and tiny keyboards. With X-PAD, you can do everything with a single touch of your finger. Reading is guaranteed due to large characters and high contrast icons. So simple to use you will think you are using your favorite smartphone.

Stakeout with eyes closed

With X-PAD, stakeout has never been easier or faster. Voice guidance allows you to arrive at the point without even looking at the display, while the large compass simplifies visual navigation. Next indication, reference north or the sun directs you to the precise point without hesitation allowing you to stakeout the design quickly. There is no need to prepare the points list for staking out in X-PAD as you can stakeout directly from the imported CAD drawing. Every drawing element can be staked out. What’s the nearest point? X-PAD will tell you!

CAD you were missing

With optimized layout and smart functionality that works in the field, X-PAD is a field CAD software designed for compact handheld devices. X-PAD gets the most from the available display space with innovative auto-hiding zoom buttons, automatic control avoiding the overlapping of points labels, and contextual functions basing on the selected object. With X-PAD, your notebook can remain in the office.


Every software has COGO commands, but not all of them are practical like those in X-PAD. With the strength of the intelligent CAD system, complex figures including building site drawings, can be easily created and modified in the field. You can do parcel subdivisions on the fly and calculate crossing points of the lines to stake them out immediately. The office has now truly arrived in the field!


X-PAD Field 3.5

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